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Bath bombs

Our Bath Bomb China Take Your Bath Time To The Next Level

Bath bombs work well, taking your bath time to the next level. Like every other self-care product, our Bath bombs wholesale are also produced to delight your bathing hours with a burst of nourishment. Many cosmetic brands with large production capacities are engaged in bath bombs, but we are specialized producers of bath bombs and only deal in this single product combining great organic ingredients for creating exceptional products. Our professional Bath Bombs Factory produces tones of different colour soap products annually to meet consumer demand.

All The Best Reasons To Choose Our Bath Bombs 

Our entire collection of bath bombs is naturally derived, and they are paraben and dye-free produced without phthalates. Try out our multi-benefit wholesale bath bombs to transform your bathing regime.  

Our bath bomb China is infused with vegan, cruelty-free and ethically-sourced ingredients, and works to cleanse, hydrate, and add shine to your body every day.

We have many beneficial ingredients brought in bulk quantity to our bath bomb factory to produce our soothing bath bombs. The most common ingredients used in our products are Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Rosemary Oil, and Epsom salts.

Experiment your way through different fragrances and ingredients and buy your perfect blend of bath bombs.

• Cruelty-free  


•Ethically sourced 

•Fast rinse 

•Dye free

•Paraben free 

Get Gentle And Hydrating Ingredients In Each Pack 

It should come as no surprise that all the ingredients used in our product are gentle and nourishing, like Peppermint oil, cedarwood oil, popping candy, lavender oil, etc. As a bonus, we have introduced a completely vegan and cruelty-free collection of bath soaps to satisfy all users. Here is a short glance at what you can get at our websites.

Soaps For Calming Skin

We have an impressive variety of bath bombs formulated from calming ingredients like lavender oil and jojoba oil, high-level ingredients in our soaps.

Soaps For Sensitive Skin

Some soaps come with sensitive, gentle ingredients; these bath bombs are ultra Moisturizing that keeps the skin silky and hydrated with no harsh irritants. Our sensitive bath bombs wholesale collection is the most demanded, catering to large masses with sensitive skin issues.

Soaps For Scented Sensations 

Our bath bombs contain fantastic scents that linger on the skin all day.

OEM / OEM High-Quality Products

We are specialized in the production of the Bath bomb and bath soap, and other bath products. We also help new bath bombs factory owners lunch their bath products by outsourcing from us.

Why Choose Us?

We are the bath bomb manufacturer in China, having years of manufacturing experience. We are the ally of the best cosmetologists and manufacturing lines. Our bath bomb factory is continuously involved in large-scale production, aiming to quickly complete all of our manufacturing projects. We never fail to provide the highest quality products and the best service to our customers.