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All natural soap

Shop From Leading Natural & Organic Soaps Manufacturer Of The World

Shenzhen Hongxuda Technology Co., Ltd. is a name of trust and quality when it comes to the leading brands that manufacture top quality Natural & Organic soap all around the world. As we are the brand that provides a vast collection of all sorts of soaps that are available in various different flavors, shapes, colors, and sizes, with the availability of options like rose soap, papaya soap, and charcoal-based soap we offer a wide range of products that could be used according to the need of the individual based upon the requirement of their skin. Our incredible variety of all the soaps is known because of the fact that it is made up of the top-quality material that as we not only use the most genuine products but we also follow the standards while manufacturing these soaps. Another factor for which our organic soaps are famous is that they are 100% All-Natural Soap Bars, as we only use the material that is derived from natural sources and we make sure that no synthetic or artificial material is used in it. moreover, our All- Natural Soap Bars are available at the lowest wholesale rates compared to any other brand in the whole world. 

Providing A Wide Range To Select From

Colors Soap is the leading brand that is known around the world to provide a wide collection of these Natural & Organic Soaps to the customers all around the world, we have organic soaps that are not only different in the terms of ingredients that have been used in order to make them, the flavors, the colors, sizes, and designs also vary when it comes to the variety of soaps that we include. This could be seen in the variety of soaps that we have, ranging from the option of Rose soap, papaya soap, charcoal soap, lavender soap, coffee soap, organic kojic acid soap, and herb soap. All our soaps are 100% All-Natural Soap Bars, that could be selected based on the requirement of your skin. All these options provide a range to the customers making sure the availability of the product that they desire to have. 

Our Promising Quality And Unfailing Services

We are the top Natural & Organic Soaps manufacturers that are known around the world for providing the best quality organic soap to users all around the world.   We are familiar with the fact that quality is the most basic aspect that should be noted while purchasing a product, especially in the case of products that are to be used over the skin. This is because of the fact that skin could be very sensitive and requires special care and protection. Using material that is of rough quality could ruin your skin. Thus, being the leading brand, we make sure that the products that we provide are of the most premium quality ever as the material that is used is of the top quality. Not only do we select the best material but the entire process of manufacturing is performed under the supervision of our highly skilled professionals who make sure that international standards of quality are maintained throughout the process. 

Promising To Provide Only The Organic Products

We are also proud to announce the fact that our incredible quality Natural & Organic Soaps are 100% organic. Being known as the top brand in the whole world we provide the soaps that are not only premium in the terms of quality but these soaps are all natural and organic, we understand the needs of your skin and the risks and challenges that could be there. Thus, the material that we use in order to manufacture these organic soaps is the material that is driven only from the natural source. Whether it be in the form of milk, papaya, roses, or any other ingredient, no chemicals or artificial products are used in order to manufacture them making sure to provide your skin with the safest and the best ingredients that your skin deserves. 

Browse 100% All-Natural Soap Bars At Wholesale Rates

Not only do we provide amazing quality and a guarantee of 100% All-Natural Soap Bars but we are also known around the world for providing the lowest wholesale rates of these organic soaps, compared to any other brand in the whole world. We are the brand that is familiar with the value of the money that you pay thus we make sure that we satisfy you with your purchase. To add to your shopping experience, we do not limit our low wholesale rates only to the bulk orders but we make sure to provide the same wholesale rates even for the low MOQs as well.

Where To Get Your 100% All-Natural Soap Bars?

There are top brands that are constantly working over providing a good quality of these natural and organic soap bars. A few of them are:

1.Public Goods: Castile Soap

It is a brand that is known for providing the top quality, versatile liquid castile that can be used as body wash or a hand wash as well. It is designed in a way that it works well even for the sensitive skin as all no chemicals or synthetic products are used in it.

2.Tom’s Of Maine: Natural Beauty Bar Soap – Fresh Eucalyptus

This brand is known to provide a triple milled natural bar of soap that is made up of fresh eucalyptus that is famous around the world for its amazing properties of invigorating and moisturizing.


Colors soap is the oldest brand in the field of manufacturing natural an organic soap that are famous around the world. They provide a variety of soaps, all of them are made up of different natural ingredient that are beneficial for the skin. Offering a wide variety of colors and shapes as well, they assure that all of their products are made up of top quality, natural ingredients. 

4.Ursa Major: Morning Mojo Bar Soap

Ursa Major’s Mojo bar soaps provide bar soaps that bring a twist to the idea of daily scrubbing as they are made specially keeping in mind the sensitivity of the skin as only the natural ingredients like peppermint oil and other natural ingredients are used.

5.Dr. Bronner’s: Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

This brand is famous for providing the original 18 in 1 liquid castile soaps that are biodegradable and versatile in nature as they only use organic and certified ingredients only. 

6.The Seaweed Bath Co.: Hydrating Cleansing Body Wash

Seaweed is a brand that produces hydrating body washes as they hydrate and revitalize skin with a unique formulated citrus and vanilla containing over 65 vitamins and minerals.

7.Oars And Alps: Blue Charcoal Oars Bar Soap

This is the brand that produces exfoliating bar soaps that are enriched with the power of volcanic sands that works best for the skin keeping it clean and clear from the dirt and dust.