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Tips To Create Smooth Bath Bombs At Home

Bath bombs have been famous around the world for their incredible benefits and for the amazing feeling that it brings along. Although bath bombs are nothing but a combination of a few ingredients, collectively these ingredients can turn into a form of balls that can do wonders for us. On a stressful and tiring day, magic in the form of a bath bomb can help use release all your stresses. This is because as soon as this little ball of magic is dropped in a tub of water. It releases effervesce, a splash of colours and aroma turning your ordinary bath into a luxurious one. It is hard to believe that a small ball can add so much magic to your bathing experience but this is what the bath bombs are actually made for.

If we further look into the bath bombs, we get to see that the bath bombs are an incredible product not only in the terms of releasing bubbles, colours and aroma that feels pleasant and satisfactory but it is also known to be an excellent product in the form of the benefits to the skin that they bring along. A lot of people are not aware of the fact that the ingredients that are present in a bath bomb can be highly effective on the skin of the user, for instance, the baking soda that is present in the bath bomb can is highly effective in smoothing the skin ad removing dirt. Also because of the fact that bath bombs often have essential oils present these essential oils can sometimes be highly beneficial for the skin and overall health, for instance, the tea tree oil in the bath bombs can help with acne. The lavender oil can help you relax and promote the release of sleep hormones.

Tips For Improvement

These bath bombs can be bought commercially by the Bath bombs wholesalers and suppliers but one might not necessarily be able to find a bath bomb of their choice, thus making a bath bomb of your choice is not only fun but can also help you make a bath bomb of your choice. A bath bomb is something that is very used to make but to maintain, the softness of a bath bomb is a real task. We often see that the bath bombs that we purchase are might not be as soft as they should have been because softer a bath bomb more easily would diffuse in the water giving a soothing effect in the form of effervescence. however, to maintain the softness of your bath bomb there are certain tips that need to be followed which could ensure the softness of your bath bombs. Some of these tips are:

1. Focusing On The Consistency Of Your Bath Bomb

In order to attain a perfect bath bomb that is in the perfect consistency, in a way that it does not flow away by being too flowy nor does it fail to explode by being too hard. If the mixture is too flowy then one must have to add on the dry ingredients that are in the form of citric acid ad the baking soda, whereas if the mixture of bath bombs already appears too hard then the liquid must be added slowly in order to make it soft and making sure that not to overdo it.

2. Use Mica Instead Of The Liquid Dye For The Colorant

Using mica instead of the liquid dye can create a big difference in the terms of creating the bonding but also in the terms of even distribution of the colour as mica would not affect the consistency of the final product whereas the liquid dye would.

3. Use Of With Hazel 

Witch hazel is considered to be a perfect material in the terms of creating the bonding between the powdered ingredients but it is also considered to be a drying agent that is highly effective. Thus, the use of witch hazel can ensure a bath bomb with the perfect consistency.

4. Adding Liquids In The End

The gold rule to ensure the perfect consistency of the bath bombs is to mix the dry ingredients first and leave the liquid ingredients for the last.  This would give the wet ingredients very little time to dry this one would easily be able to pack them into molds immediately. Ensuring soft bath bombs.

5. Wrapping Rubbers Around The Mold 

Another tip that should be considered in order to have a perfect bath bomb is to have the rubber bands wrapped around the mold in case the bath bomb seems to be expanding in the mold. The rubbers would tighten the mold ensuring a perfect bath bomb.