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This DIY Milk Bath Recipe Can Help Soothe Dry, Itchy Skin

Baths have always been a relieving experience after a tiring day. We leave work and jump into our bathtub after impatiently waiting all day to soak our bodies in warm bath water for some good time to unwind and relax. However, you can enhance your bathing experience by adding natural or artificial products into your bathwater. So many ingredients and products present in your kitchen can be mixed into your bathwater. You are going to love the effects provided by using each of these products. Well, recently, the product that has become famous for making smooth and soft skin and treating itchy skin when added into bath water is milk. It has also come to be known that milk bath is not a new concept; instead, it has been an ancient technique used by women of the past to improve their skins and make them more soft, smooth, and flawless. You can also jump onto this bandwagon by following our very easy DIY milk bath recipe and hop on to the trend of having soft milky skin.    

Ingredients Needed For DIY Milk Bath

You can directly add milk into your bathwater, and it will be called a milk bath. You can also use soap that has milk in it, yes, they do exist, and soap producers have been using milk as one of the main components for a long time. However, to have the most fascinating milk bath at home, you can add the ingredients that we are going to list out. 

•1-2 cups of any liquid milk or powdered milk

•Warm water

•1 cup oats

•1 cup Epsom salt

•½ cup oil

•Essential oils

Step by Step Instructions

•Fill Your Bathtub With Water

To begin with your DIY milk bath, you first need to fill your bathtub with water. It is recommended to use lukewarm or tepid water for milk bath as these temperatures are said to be very beneficial for soaking your body in it. Whereas soaking your body in warm or cold water will make your skin very dry. So, fill your bathtub with only lukewarm or tepid water.

•Add Milk Into Your Bathwater

Now add 1-2 cups of milk into your bathtub; you can use any milk of your choice. You can look for all the milk options and see which one will be more beneficial for you. It is recommended to use whole milk or buttermilk as they contain a greater amount of lactic acid, which is good for exfoliating your skin. However, people who are allergic to animal products are recommended to use powdered milk or soy milk, or coconut milk for their milk bath.

•Toss In A Cup Of Oats

This is an optional step that you can do to add extra freshness to your skin. We all know what amazing benefits oats can provide when added to the regular diet. Along with dietary benefits, oats are also very good to be used on the skin. In fact, people who have severe allergies to milk can use powdered oats as an alternative to powdered milk and toss it into their bathwater. 

•Add Epsom Salt

This ingredient will make your bathwater extremely relaxing for you as Epsom salt is proven to be effective for treating pain in muscles and joints. What will be better than having a bath that can take away all the pains in your body? Therefore, do add a cup of Epsom salt to your bathwater. 

•Add All The Oils 

Then add oils in your bathwater like coconut oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil, etc. Any oil of your liking will work perfectly. After this, stir your DIY milk bath water and soak yourself in it for around a good half an hour.