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How To Use A Bath Bomb?

After a tiring day at work, you return home; you desire to do something relaxing that will take away all your tiredness and make you feel absolutely refreshed. Well, then lying in your bed and watching Netflix isn’t how you are going to feel refreshing. Netflix and chill only go together once you are feeling refreshing enough to chill. Perhaps we have an idea for you that you can use to relax instantly. The idea is to use a bath bomb in your bathtub every time you take a bath, especially after a tiring day. You are surely going to get this wholesome, refreshing feeling after taking this bath bomb bath. You might be wondering, what is it in bath bombs that makes one feel so relaxed? It is full of ingredients that are soothing for your body. It contains chemicals like citric acid and sodium bicarbonate which have excellent healing properties. Bath bombs create a stress-free atmosphere and draw you into peaceful and relaxing mode. Soaking your body into bath bomb water makes your skin feel fresh and also improves your circulation. It has such mesmerizing scents in it, which raise the whole experience of bathing. Here is a guide on how you should use a bath bomb in your bath.

1. First Add Water, Then Bath Bomb

People always find it a bit confusing to use a bath bomb. Some think bath bomb goes first, and then you run water into the tub. While others believe water comes first, and once the tub is filled with water, then you drop the bath bomb into it. Perhaps what experts suggest is that water comes first and then the bath bomb. Once you fill the tub with water and then drop the bath bomb into it, the bomb dissolves better this way. 

2. The Temperature Of The Water Matters

You might like taking a bath with cold water, but it is recommended to use warm water with bath bombs. The warmer the water, the better the bath. Warm water helps open your pores as you soak your body into it. All the essential oils come in deep contact with your skin through these opened pores. Warm water also helps the bath bomb to dissolve smoothly. Now the warm water also comes in different levels. Some might like using lukewarm water, and others prefer tepid water; as long as the water is warm and not cold, you are good to go. It is up to your tolerance of warmth which level of warm water you use hot, lukewarm, or tepid. 

3. Add Essential Oils

Once you have filled your tub and dropped your bath bomb in it, you should then add essential oils to your bathwater. Any oil of your choice, let it be jojoba oil or lavender oil, will work perfectly. All the oils are equally amazing, and as your pores open up in warm water, these oils will penetrate deep into your skin and make your skin feel so good you can’t even imagine. 

 4. Add Milk And Rose Petals

This is an additional step, but you are going to love it. Add two cups of any milk of your choice to your bathwater; we suggest oat milk. It will give you that soft milky skin that you have always desired. As milk has lactic acid in it, therefore it will help in exfoliating your skin. Do toss in some rose petals just how you garnish your yummiest dessert. This will make your bathtub look like heaven, and not only will it look like heaven, but it will also feel like heaven, as the oils present in rose oils will soothe your skin even more.