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Everything You Need To Know About Epsom Salt Baths

Bathing is an essential element of our lives not just to maintain cleanliness, but it helps us feel verdure in many ways too. After a tiring day, all you need to have is a fresh bath, and it will indeed take away all your tiredness. Taking a simple bath is boring; you can try so many new things in your bath and maximize the verdure feeling to the fullest. If I were to tell you that you can improve your health by just sitting in a bathtub, would you believe me? You won't, but I ain't lying folks. Just adding Epsom salt in your bathing water and submerging yourself into that water for 20 minutes can help your health in ways that you can't even imagine. Traditionally Epsom salt baths were preferred for people with aching muscles and joints as Epsom salt has the power to relieve that. It is only recently that the world has got to know about the various health benefits of Epsom salt baths. This has boosted Epsom salt baths both in the beauty and health world. What Epsom salt bath actually does to your body? Keep reading!

How Exactly Do Epsom Salt Baths Work?

Epsom salt contains magnesium sulfate it which is a very beneficial mineral for your health and helps to keep your metabolism stay afloat. You might question that it can be consumed orally, then why add the salt in our bath? This is not one of those bougie hacks that you see celebrities doing on Instagram, although many celebrities do take Epsom salt baths but not just for the sake of Instagram. The hype about Epsom salt baths is all because when you add Epsom salt into your warm bath water, it gets mixed into that water. When you submerge yourself into that water, the warmness of the water opens your pores and dilates the vessels present in your skin. This allows the absorption of magnesium sulfate into your body. The amount of magnesium sulfate that your skin absorbs at this time is very much higher than the absorption of it through the digestive tract. It is much easier for your skin to absorb it and get it to the areas where it is required than your digestive tract. This is why the transdermal intake of Epsom salt is preferred over the oral intake of it. 

Benefits of Epsom Salt Baths

•Epsom salt helps cure water retention problems as our bodies usually become bloated by toxic fluids due to our unhealthy lifestyles. Staying afloat in Epsom salt water will help your body's toxins to release. You will instantly feel like your tiredness has been taken away from you.

•Epsom salt is a stress-relieving element, and this quality has landed in it due to the presence of magnesium sulfate. Thereby when you add Epsom salt to your bathwater, it helps relax your body and mind. It is more like a stress-relieving therapy than just a salt bath.

•Epsom salt helps to treat inflammation of the body and skin. Usually, there are many reasons behind skin or body inflammation; perhaps whatever the reason is, if you will take an Epsom salt bath, your inflammation will be gone. 

•Epsom salt also helps to maintain hormonal balance in your body; thereby, if you have any hormonal imbalance problem, then this is your sign to start having Epsom salt baths.

•Epsom salt is very good for the skin; it can cure conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne, etc. If you are having itchy skin issues or have gotten sunburns recently, then start having Epsom salt baths as they will cure these problems too. 

•Epsom salt helps relieve muscle and joint pains and was particularly used for this purpose traditionally. If you get muscle soreness issues after an intense workout at the gym, then you should start having Epsom salt baths.

•Epsom salt baths soothe your skin like that of a baby. However, Epsom salts cause dryness on the skin, for that you must always moisturize your skin after coming out of the bath.

•Epsom salt will take care of your foot's health; it will not just make your feet feel good but also smell good as it cuts out the foul foot odor.