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Easy Homemade Bath Bomb Recipe

Who doesn’t like to sit in a soothing bathtub after an extremely tiring day? Selfcare begins with giving time to yourself, and nothing can be better than having a bath. However, sitting in the bathtub that only has water in it is just too boring; we all have been doing that for ages. You can spice it up a little bit by adding red chili in your bath water; no, don’t do it; we didn’t mean to spice up the water literally. What we meant was to use such products that will turn your bath water into some heavenly water that would not like to come out of it once you step in. In that the ever trending and the most mesmerizing bathing product is the one and the only bath bomb. Bath bombs have essential oils and salts in them, so they can do it all for your what essential oils, and bath salts do. However, if you would go to buy a bath bomb from any of these renowned bath bombs companies, it will be very expensive considering the fact that you will need one every day, so in total 30-31 bath bombs, that is going to cost you a fortune. Therefore, we are going to tell you how you can make your own bath bombs.

What Ingredients Go In A Bath Bomb?

Remember when handmade slimes became so trending that almost every kid was making them at home? You know what? Bath bombs are even easier to make than slimes; honestly speaking, no jokes here. You are not going to need any appliance or anything for this; all that goes in its making are just some basic ingredients that are easily available in the market. That being said, there isn’t just one recipe to make handmade bath bombs; you can find hundreds of different recipes on one google search. However, after researching every bath bomb recipe and trying it out, we have made up a recipe that works just perfectly. There are going to be mishaps with this recipe; we guarantee you that as we ourselves have tried it and the bath bombs turned out to be so amazing that we don’t have any words to explain it. The ingredients that we are going to list down are for making two bath bombs; you can increase the quality of ingredients if you want to make more than two.

•4 oz. baking soda

•2 oz. corn starch

•2 oz. citric acid

•2 oz. Epsom salt

•1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons water

•5-10 drops essential oil of choice

•1 1/4 teaspoon oil 

•1-2 drops food coloring

Instructions On How to Mix It All Up?

The process is very simple, there could have been a lot of complicated things that you might have done in your life, but this is in no way near to the word complicated. 

•To begin with the process, you will first have to mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl, and by dry ingredients, we mean baking soda, corn starch, citric acid, and Epsom salt. You don’t just have to mix them, but you will need to whisk them so that if there is any clump, it is removed. 

•Once this is done, set it aside and get a glass jar; in this, you will have to mix all the wet ingredients: water, oil, essential oil, and food coloring. Stir all these wet ingredients together and make sure there is no lump or anything and all the ingredients are perfectly mixed together.

•Once both the mixtures are done mixing, you will then have to pour the liquid mixture into the dry mixture slowly and gently. Remember, the catch is slowly and gently; otherwise, the mixture would start to become fuzzy, and that is not going to be good for making a bath bomb.

•Once both the mixtures are mixed and turned into one fine mixture, they are ready to be shaped into the shape of bath bombs. 

•However, you need to test first if the mixture is actually right to proceed with; for this, you will have to take a part of the mixture in your hand and squeeze it; if it sticks together, then it is ready, but if it breaks down then it needs some alterations. 

•The mixture is ready to be placed into your bath bombs molds, or if you don’t have any, then you can also use any other thing like the Christmas tree ornaments or anything that can be opened in half so that the shape of the bath bombs doesn’t distort in the process of taking them out of their molds. 

•Don’t let the mixture sit into the mold for too long because it will stick to the mold. Once you have let the mixture dry out into its mold and you are sure that it has taken its shape, you can then take it out of the mold and let it dry overnight.  By following the whole recipe properly you can get bath bombs just like the ones made in factories at home.