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DIY Bath Bombs Without Citric Acid

Bath bombs have been known around the world for ages, because of the fact that they are an outstanding product because of the instant magic that they bring along and the way it enhances your bathing experience. This little ball of magic possesses properties that are hard to believe. If you had an exhausting, stressful and tiring day, adding this magic ball to your bath would do wonders to release your stresses and make you feel comfortable. As soon as this magic ball in the form of a bath bomb is dropped in the water, it releases effervescence, colors, and aroma, making you experience a luxurious bath. Not only that it sometimes also includes essential oils that are helpful in treating the body with the benefits, for instance, your bath bomb might include an essential oil named a tea tree, but tea tree is also ideal for the treatment of acne and the open pores thus soothing and treating your skin.

A bath bomb also heals in various other ways, for instance, we often come across the use of essential oil in the form of lavender oil. Lavender oil is known around the world as it is used in aromatherapy. It is known to promote calmness, improve the sleep cycle and reduce the factor of stress. Bath bombs are considered to provide a spa-like feel at home within a very affordable range of prices. In the same way, there are various other benefits that are associated with the ingredients that are considered to be highly beneficial for the skin and the overall health of the users. These bath bombs can be bought from a bath bombs factory or they could be made at home. Buying a bath bomb from a factory is an easy option but one cannot customize the ingredients, however, if one plans to make bath bombs of their own, they can omit ingredients like citric acid that might cause them irritation or be a little hard over the skin, especially for the children.

Why Is Citric Acid Used In Bath Bombs?

DIY bath bombs that are made with the use of citric acid or the use of cream of tartar are very easy and a fun activity that could even be performed by the kids as well. But before proceeding with the method we must know that citric acid or baking soda is considered to be the main ingredient in the formation of the bath bombs, this is because of the fact that this is the key ingredient that can make a bath bomb fizz. Citric acid, when combined with water can produce carbon dioxide in the form of effervescence. 

Why Would We Want To Skip It?

Firstly, considering the fact that the bath bombs are as much as attractive to the children as much as they are to the adults, thus it is often used for the children as well to enhance their bathing experience. The citric acid in the bath bombs could be a little hard over the skin of the children thus one would definitely want a bath bomb without it. Moreover, there are certain areas in the world in which citric acid or baking soda is not a very common ingredient, the availability factor of citric acid could be a problem for many people, along with that, not using citric acid would also cut the cost and your bath bomb would not be expensive either. 

Making A Bath Bomb Without Citric Acid

When we talk bout omitting citric acid, there must be another ingredient that should be able to replace citric acid. There are various substitutes for citric acid. Citric acid can be replaced using lemon juice, buttermilk powder, or a cream of tartar. Another matchless combination that can be used in making bath bombs could be apple vinegar along with baking powder. However, we would mainly consider three ingredients that would help us to make our bath bombs, those three ingredients would be:

1. Baking Powder 

Baking powder is considered to be the main ingredient in the formation of a bath bomb this is because of the fact that the baking powder is a mixture of sodium bicarbonate which is an acidifying agent and also a drying agent. The baking powder would help produce a fizz which the baking soda won’t be able to produce

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is considered to be the key ingredient that is used to start and enhance the fizz reaction since the apple cider vinegar is mild in nature and a pocket-friendly option that can easily be found around the stores or even at home. Neither does the vinegar leave the smell behind.

3. Sweet Almond Oil

As an essential oil, we will consider the use of a sweet almond oil within the range that is indicated, as adding too much of the oil can slow down the fizzing reaction. Sweet almond oil softens and smoothens the skin.